Borromeo Beach

Borromeo Beach Resort

Borromeo Beach Resort in Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines

Borromeo Beach Club at Camotes Island

At Borromeo Beach resort, we try to accommodate all your vacation needs and we ensure that your stay at our resort would be enjoyable and memorable. A home away from home, Borromeo Beach Resort in Camotes Island provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Experience the lush greens of the natural flora and fauna as well as the long private stretch of glistening white sandy beach. Embrace the torrid noonday sun and acquire a honey golden roasted tan. Explore the underwater world and creatures by snorkeling in the emerald green blue waters. Taste a variety of mouth-watering fresh sea food delicacies. This little private island nook is suitable for families and friends, as well as honeymooning couples. Borromeo Beach Resort is located in Bakhaw, Esperanza in Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines. You can either rent an individual room or rent the whole house with kitchen, dining and living area, as well hired help.

Get your dose of tranquility and serenity at Borromeo Beach Resort!

Room Rates
K1-(Green Room) = Php 3,500.00/day
K1-(White Room) = Php 3,000.00/day
K1-(Yellow Room) = Php 3,000.00/day
K1-(Blue Room) = Php 3,000.00/day
(Maximum of 5 person only.Additional Php 200.00 per person on excess)
K2-(Resthouse) = Php 3,000.00/day
(Maximum of 10 person only.Additional Php 200.00 per person on excess)
K3-(Resthouse) = Php 4,000.00/day
(Maximum of 15 person only.Additional Php 200.00 per person on excess)

Also Available
Tent (family size) = Php 500.00/day
Tent (regular size) = Php 350.00/day
Beach Bed = Php 200.00/day
Volleyball ball = Php 20.00/hr.

Other Rates
Kubo = Php 200.00/day
Entrance = Php 5.00/day
Shower = Php 5.00/day

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